The idea.

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The idea.

Postby admin » Sat Jun 22, 2013 8:32 pm

**MAY 2015 - Due to the inevitable flood of spammers trying to create accounts, I have disabled signups - if you wish to join Blood and Shadows and write, leave admin a message on Vampweb and the admin team here will happily create you an account!**

What is this place? It's an idea. Whenever you are reading this, I hope the idea is a long way to becoming what I hoped it could be.

Freedom to write... that is the driving force. Not being tied to one role, not being cajoled to churn out work to a schedule, not being asked to write storylines that bore the pants off you. To be able to follow whatever inspiration has taken you by the throat and isn't letting go until it has taken everything it wanted.

This is a forum for writing vampire fiction. In the idea, it isn't sugar coated, it certainly does not sparkle, and the vampires do what they do best... with style, seduction, with force if they so choose. Some of these stories may well be erotic, violent and graphic, as that is what draws most of us to their fangs like moths to a flame, after all. 99% of the time, the mortal they choose as their prey will die... if they are lucky they will die in ecstasy, but most will die screaming in agony and terror as the vampire feeds.

This is what I want to create here, on Blood and Shadows. Vampires writing their tales, their long games with other vampires that last centuries in some cases... their memorable hunts, the night they met that mortal. Those lucky, cherished Mortals that are a part of the vampires world writing with the immortal that has grown to adore them. And then writing from the view of those mortals that die, helpless beneath their fangs as the vampire takes yet another soul.

The tricky bit is how to get it all to work. What I want here is a group of good writers, who can sit down on a night and write as a vampire, as one of those cherished mortals, or if they want to, write a piece as a victim in one of the existing stories being told by other vampires. Their choice who, just being free to write whatever inspiration has visited them.

My initial thoughts are that to make this happen, we have to set just one or two things in stone. Any vampires created here will be of the Anne Rice variety, so we have a level playing field for all writers. Most people that write vampires know who and what I am talking about. If you dont, Wiki has a summary here.

I am shying away from having any of the "named" vampires written here. That is as much for not wanting vampires that are a hell of a lot more powerful than others, as for the risk of having lawyers from Ms Rice pay us a visit and shut us down. I think with writing with another vampire, there should be a healthy respect that you cant rip them to pieces without the risk that it might be the other vampire who does the ripping. To spell it out, we are not going to have Akasha being written here, nor Lestat, or any of the old powerful vampires that Anne Rice has devoted books to. By all means mention them, if you are making a vampire character here, there will be no restrictions on having a "named" vampire as your Sire. Just bear in mind, a vampire you create will be roughly the same strength as the other vampires here.

Any writing done here will be a joint piece of work with your fellow vampires, unless you specifically want to do a solo piece, or are writing a mortal's death. Just enjoy the creativity of other writers, and use it for inspiration. Create some magic! Obviously, it goes without saying, if you are creating an epic tale with two or three others, make sure everyone is happy and agreed on the direction of the story! None of us here will want to write with someone who takes over a story and writes like an ass. There won't be any character's deaths, injuries or humiliation being written, unless the owner of that character wants to write it. None. Got it?

The only other thing I ask for here is respect. Yeah, the usual forum stuff... dont stalk someone. Unwelcome attention wont be tolerated. Abuse wont be tolerated. If you start harassing or abusing the other writers, expect to be kicked.

That being said, back to the idea... freedom. This is a place where the writing isn't going to be micro-managed by me or anyone else who ends up being at moderator level. Just write, find someone who makes your heart race with their words and write some magic. That is what we are all here for!
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